Research into nature-based solutions for water quality and ecology and “digital twins” for coastal areas are among topics the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is funding under a 14.3 million euro round.

The funding of 33 new research projects covers research into climate change, the natural environment, the green and circular economy, and environment and human health.

Reflecting the need for cross-sectoral research, the EPA says it is working in partnership with Met Éireann and Geological Survey Ireland to co-fund some of the studies.

It says the funding will support more than 200 research staff across 13 organisations.

University College Cork (UCC) received the highest number of successful research awards for the 2023 round, and Prof John Cryan, UCC Vice President for Research and Innovation, said he would like to thank the EPA for “continuing to award talented researchers”.

In the marine and freshwater environment areas, South-East Technological University received a grant of 590,558 euro for work on combining digital twin technology with landscape biography for environmental analysis of a coastal region.

University College, Dublin, received 599,214 euro for a project entitled “Enhancing Blue Carbon and Ecological Services through Nature-Based Solutions: Integrated Restoration in Irish Coastal Waters”.

Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers received 98,680 euro for a comparative assessment of source protection to improve water quality and drinking water treatment.

The complete list of awards for the 2023 EPA research call is here

The EPA Research Call 2024 will open for applications in April 2024, and details will be made available on the EPA website.



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