​The Circle: Founders Club (The Circle FC), abusiness acceleratorfor growth-stage startups, has announced the commencement of ‘The Water Challenge‘ accelerator programme.

In collaboration with the Embassy of Israel and IDE Technologies, the 12-week intensive acceleration journey aims to empower 10 innovative water-tech companies, the business accelerator said in a statement.

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As the global focus intensifies on sustainability and ESG principles, ‘The Water Challenge’ accelerator programme reinforces its commitment to help startups by prioritizing eco-friendly solutions for pressing water-related challenges, the statement added.Selected through a rigorous application and interview process, the 10 startups in the cohort represent a diverse array of solutions addressing critical water issues in India.

Phyfarm, Aumsat, Hydrotec Solution, Nimble Vision, WaterLab Solutions, Hygienity, Biofilm Engineers, EcoEnso, Watsan Environtech, and iSync represent a spectrum of innovative approaches ranging from smart agriculture platforms and satellite-based water infrastructure intelligence to affordable water purifiers and smart water management solutions utilizing IoT and AI.

The programme provides comprehensive support, including technology validation, commercialization guidance, market access, and fundraising opportunities. The startups are mentored by experts from both Israel and India, including IDE Technologies, Absolute, Kristnam Technologies, Hunch Ventures, Omnivore Partners, Speciale Invest, MITCON, and Enviraj Consulting.

The Circle FC vice president (innovation) Nemesisa Ujjain said, “In a world where water scarcity is a looming challenge, we are dedicated to supporting startups driving change, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and ensuring that India emerges as a global leader in water-tech solutions.”

Doron Gidony, innovation attache at the embassy of Israel, added, “The Water Challenge marks a major milestone in our efforts to overcome the barriers created by borders and enable a seamless and collaborative environment for innovation. Through this programme, we are leveraging our expertise in water tech to create a powerful synergy that paves the way for innovation.”

The programme will culminate with a Demo Day on Feb 22 hosted by The Circle Work at Gurugram. During this event, the startups will pitch their solutions to a jury panel comprising venture capitalists and investors, competing for the winning prize.



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