WIth 42K+ companies worldwide, the water treatment industry is witnessing a wave of sustainable innovatiion. Out of 3.2K+ new companies, we spotlight 10 new water treatment companies that advance microplastics elimination, electrochemical oxidation, biological effluent treatment, and more.

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Amid a growing focus on environmental sustainability and resource conservation, the water treatment industry is undergoing a significant transformation. New water treatment companies advance water purification and management through the separation of water from solids, evaporative water cooling systems, green technology-based water solutions, and much more.

This article explores the developments and the industrial water treatment companies behind them. It offers insights into how these technologies contribute to a more sustainable and efficient management of water resources.

This article will delve into:

Profiles of 10 Emerging Water Treatment CompaniesHow to Scout Best Water Treatment Companies Easily

Key Takeaways

Drawing insights from the Big Data & AI-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform that provides data on over 4.7+ million emerging companies globally, we explore the evolving landscape of the water treatment sector. This sector is marked by key trends and a substantial workforce, shaping its future. Here are some key insights at a glance:

Water Treatment Trends: The major water treatment trends include bio-based water remediation, nanofiltration, membrane technology, carbon-based purification, and water quality monitoring.Water Treatment Industry Stats: The water treatment industry encompasses 42K+ organizations worldwide and has a 3.1M-strong workforce. It is experiencing a dip of 1.99% in annual growth rate but has seen the emergence of 3.2K new water treatment companies in the past 5 years.10 New Water Treatment Companies to Watch:Fluido3 – Chemical-free Water Disinfectionblue activity – Evaporative Cooling Water SystemsBIO-RAN – Microbe-based Sludge & Odor RemovalElateq – Carbon & Electrochemical OxidationKMX – Zero-liquid Discharge Water TreatmentAlvatech – Irrigation Water TreatmentCaptoplastic – Microplastics RemovalAzuvia – Biological Effluent TreatmentEspiku – In-situ Industrial Wastewater UpcyclingEnnox Technology – Cavitation-based Water Separation

Discover 10 Out of 3.2K+ Emerging Water Treatment Companies

In this section, we showcase 10 commercial water treatment companies that are making significant strides in addressing some of the most pressing water challenges. These companies excel in zero-liquid discharge systems that eliminate wastewater discharge to advancing irrigation water treatment for agricultural efficiency, and more to facilitate sustainable water management.

Note on Signal StrengthOne of the unique metrics we feature for each company is Signal Strength, a proprietary data point generated by our Discovery Platform. Signal Strength gauges the extent to which a company’s influence has permeated the global ecosystem of startups, scaleups, and emerging companies. This proprietary metric serves as a valuable guidepost for understanding a company’s standing in the broader market landscape.

1. Fluido3

Founding Year: 2020Employee Range: 2-10Location: ItalySignal Strength: MediumWhat they do: Fluido3 develops SiC.O3, a system that integrates ozone treatment with silicon carbide (SiC) membrane filtration for chemical-free water disinfection. It removes algae, solids, and metals as well as eliminates color and odor without altering taste, making it ideal for drinking and food applications. Additionally, Fluido3 offers a modular high-efficiency ozone generator, FLDO3, for advanced oxidation treatments. A few of its applications include biological plants, aquaculture, and ensuring safe drinking water while maintaining low operating costs.

2. Espiku

Founding Year: 2020Employee Range: 2-10Location: USASignal Strength: MediumWhat they do: Espiku offers SCEPTER, a water treatment system. It utilizes low-pressure and temperature evaporative cycles to extract clean water from industrial wastewater, including continental and geothermal brines. This system extracts clean water from contaminants, rather than eliminating contaminants from the water. Thus, it achieves zero liquid discharge without reliance on membranes or concerns about fouling.

3. blue activity

Founding Year: 2021Employee Range: 2-10Location: GermanySignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: blue activity enhances water quality in industrial settings and ensures clean drinking water in residential areas. Its products include BA-Synbiorex which boosts microflora, enhances heat transfer, and cuts CO2 emissions with the cleaning effect against biofilms. BA-CorProtect uses low-phosphate biopolymers for water system cleaning and dissolves deposits for smoother pipes. Further, BA-Cycle+ utilizes biofilm/scaling sensors for early deposition detection, offering online monitoring of water flow, product content, corrosion, and level measurements. BA-ViZero PRO, a safe disinfectant, targets legionella and biofilm reduction for safer water systems.


Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 11-50Location: UKSignal Strength: Medium StrongWhat they do: BIO-RAN develops Ydro Process, a microbe-based eco-friendly water treatment solution. The bacteria added to the water becomes dominant and enhances the biological breakdown of complex organic molecules into simpler ones. This leads to the production of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) which are then transformed into CO2 and water in aerobic conditions. The benefits of this solution include complete sludge degradation, improved effluent quality, fats, oil and grease (FOG) elimination, and odor reduction.

5. Elateq

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 2-10Location: USASignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Elateq combines low-level electricity with a proprietary carbon material to create various reaction zones, each targeting different pollutants. Thus, it executes multiple purification actions such as electrochemical oxidation, reduction, ion exchange, and electrosorption within a single unit. Key advantages of this technology include its chemical-free nature, off-grid capability, cost efficiency, and versatility across various water chemistries.

6. KMX

Founding Year: 2020Employee Range: 11-50Location: CanadaSignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: KMX provides a zero-liquid discharge water treatment solution using a low-temperature process and separating pure water from particles. During this process, feedwater ascends through a module’s core and flows downward past a hydrophobic membrane under a vacuum. This allows only water vapor to pass through, which is then collected and condensed for purification. Thus, with zero waste, this methodology captures minerals and other rare elements.

7. Alvatech

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 11-50Location: UKSignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Alvatech develops ACTIVEWATER, a solution that increases productivity while conserving water resources. By treating saline water, ACTIVEWATER treats saline water and enhances its infiltration into saline soils, improving soil capillarity and permeability. The solution integrates sensors for continuous tracking of soil moisture, electrical conductivity, temperature, and more. Alvatech thus increases a plant’s ability to absorb fertilizers, resist diseases, make irrigation water more available for agriculture, and enable the use of recycled and brackish water.

8. Captoplastic

Founding Year: 2020Employee Range: 11-50Location: SpainSignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Captoplastic removes microplastics from water. Its system standardizes microplastic analysis by providing identification and quantification tools. It addresses the removal of these particles from aquatic environments and the required analysis for environmental monitoring and protection. Captoplastic works with drinking water treatment plants, as well as the plastic industry, textile dyeing industry, personal care industry, and more.

9. Azuvia

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 11-50Location: FranceSignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Azuvia develops SETEIA, a system to treat industrial and agricultural effluents in situ. It allows for the safe reuse of water for irrigation and cleaning purposes. SETEIA utilizes filtration modules housed within crop greenhouses, scaled to the volume of liquid effluent requiring treatment. Catering to sectors like the wine and food industries, as well as composting platforms, SETEIA assists bioremediation, hydroponics, and more.

10. Ennox Technology

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 11-50Location: NorwaySignal Strength: Medium StrongWhat they do: Ennox Technology develops Ennox’s Green Extraction (EGX) technology. It separates water from solids through a chemical-free cavitation process. The company’s EGX 10 unit processes the water without producing polluting by-products like CO2. This allows water treatment plants to extract hydrocarbons, allowing for the reuse and sale of processed waste. Further, it operates cost-effectively without the need for heat or harmful chemicals.

Quick Tip to Find New Water Treatment Companies

Utilizing a SaaS platform like the Discovery Platform for identifying new water treatment companies provides significant benefits compared to traditional scouting methods:

Streamlined Efficiency/Increased Efficiency: The Discovery Platform offers advanced tools that streamline the scouting process. It replaces your hours of conventional desk research, saving time and resources in identifying water industry innovations.Access to Real-time Insights: Gain a competitive edge with up-to-date information on the latest trends in the water treatment sector. The platform keeps you informed with near real-time updates on emerging water treatment companies and news, enabling you to make swift and informed decisions.Tailored Exploration/Precise Scouting: Customize your search to focus on specific niches within the water treatment sector, such as clean water from industrial wastewater, sludge and odor removal, or irrigation water treatment. The platform’s diverse filtering options allow you to target your scouting efforts precisely, ensuring that you find the most relevant and groundbreaking companies in the field.

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