In a sector with 46K+ companies, the water supply industry is undergoing rapid change with emerging new companies. We highlight 10 new water supply companies out of 1.8K+ entrants, pioneering advancements in water purification, smart water management, sustainable sourcing, and more!

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The water supply sector addresses the numerous water challenges, with companies leveraging new technologies to ensure reliable and clean water access. Explore innovative water solutions with a list of 10 new water supply companies. These firms redefine water accessibility and purity through atmospheric water generation, nanofiltration techniques, infrastructure solutions, and more.

This article explores the innovative approaches and technologies driving the future of water supply, offering deep insights into:

Profiles of 10 Pioneering New Water Supply CompaniesHow to Scout Innovative Water Supply Companies Easily

Key Takeaways

Drawing insights from the Big Data & AI-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform that provides data on over 4.7+ million emerging companies globally, we explore the evolving landscape of the water supply industry. This sector is marked by key trends and a substantial workforce, shaping its future. Here are some key insights at a glance:

Water Supply Trends: Some of the latest water supply trends include desalination, atmospheric water generation, nanotechnology, addressing the water-energy nexus, and smart water management solutions.Water Supply Industry Stats: The water supply sector comprises 46K+ organizations worldwide. On average, the industry employs about 47 people in 1.8K+ new companies founded in the last five years, witnessing 2020 as the average founding year. Moreover, the average funding received by the water supply industry stands at 17.3 million.10 New Water Supply Companies to Watch:Saemmulter Clean Groundwater Tech – Groundwater MonitoringImvvy – IoT Water ManagementAirborne Snow Observatories – Snow Water Resource ManagementOkeanos – Water Generation MachinesAqSol – Desalination and Water TreatmentBalaena – Seawater Desalination SystemsHULO– Water Network Anomaly ManagementH2OLL – Atmospheric Water GeneratorHydronomy – Decentralized Sustainable Water SourceSolaq – Air to Water Technology

Meet 10 Out of 1.8K+ Emerging Water Supply Companies

This section showcases the 10 water supply companies that address crucial challenges such as water scarcity, purification, and efficient distribution. Their efforts enhance water accessibility and pave the way for a sustainable future in water management, reflecting a growing commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation in the water supply sector.

Note on Signal StrengthOne of the unique metrics we feature for each company is Signal Strength, a proprietary data point generated by our Discovery Platform. Signal Strength gauges the extent to which a company’s influence has permeated the global ecosystem of startups, scaleups, and emerging companies. This proprietary metric serves as a valuable guidepost for understanding a company’s standing in the broader market landscape.

1. Saemmulter Clean Groundwater Tech

Founding Year: 2020Employee Range: 2-10Location: South KoreaSignal Strength: Medium StrongWhat they do: Saemmulter Clean Groundwater Tech provides monitoring solutions using an automatic underground water level measuring device coupled with a water quality measurement sensor. Utilizing internet of things (IoT) and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) methods, this technology also analyzes parameters such as electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), temperature, and pH levels. The system also features wireless communication capabilities, allowing for real-time data transmission and AI-powered data management without the need for onsite visits. This approach assists stakeholders across sectors by reducing management costs, democratizing data collection, and enhancing the sustainability of water resources.

2. Imvvy

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 2-10Location: IndiaSignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Imvvy offers IoT specializing in water supply notifications to alert users about the flow of water, enabling motor operations automation. Its products such as the Smart Water Plug and Water Level Device provide real-time water control and monitoring. Further, Imvvy’s water management devices proactively monitor water systems to prevent overflow and outages, safeguarding against property damage and water waste.

3. Airborne Snow Observatories

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 1-10Location: USASignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Airborne Snow Observatories harnesses advanced remote sensing and physical modeling techniques to deliver basin-wide measurements of snow water forecasts. The company provides scanning, lidar, and imaging spectrometers for snow measurements. Its proprietary algorithms for snow depth and water retrieval, and detailed runoff modeling allow for achieving high forecasting accuracy.

4. Okeanos

Founding Year: 2021Employee Range: 11-50Location: FinlandSignal Strength: MediumWhat they do: Okeanos specializes in sustainable water utility solutions offering Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs). The technology uses humidity to produce clean drinking water, addressing the needs of communities, especially in developing or remote areas. It evaluates sites for water farms and integrates storage and management systems for year-round supply. With cloud-based system control for optimization, Okeanos delivers reliable, large-scale water generation solutions that enhance resilience and meet diverse client requirements.

5. Aq Sol

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 11-50Location: The BahamasSignal Strength: Medium StrongWhat they do: Aq Sol provides seawater desalination units and treatment systems for wells or rainwater. The technology encompasses desalination systems, such as the WM E-Series and B-Series, leveraging energy recovery systems for optimal efficiency. These units feature compact designs, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance. Thus, the company caters to diverse needs from individual homes to commercial and industrial applications.

6. Balaena

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 51-200Location: UKSignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Balaena offers advanced freshwater solutions, specializing in desalination for island populations and remote communities. It incorporates thin film nanocomposite (TFN) technology to achieve salt rejection. With this, the company provides high-efficiency positive displacement pumps, energy-recovery devices (ERDs), and variable-frequency drives (VFDs). Also, it optimizes energy use and reduces operational costs.


Founding Year: 2021Employee Range: 2-10Location: NetherlandsSignal Strength: StrongWhat they do: HULO leverages AI to enhance water utility network management through two solutions: Prophesy and Observe. Prophesy is a real-time module that features anomaly detection and classification, precise leak localization, and leak sizing capabilities. Observe is an offline module that assists utilities in optimizing sensor placement for effective anomaly detection and water network digital twin development. HULO’s technology offers low upfront costs and quick start-up times without the need for historical data, resulting in significantly fewer false positives.

8. H2OLL

Founding Year: 2022Employee Range: 1-10Location: IsraelSignal Strength: Medium StrongWhat they do: H2OLL uses atmospheric moisture harvesting technology that extracts moisture from the air through a continuous liquid desiccant system, an absorption-desorption cycle. During the regeneration cycle, water is produced by investing energy solely in condensing vapor into liquid water, rather than cooling the entire volume of dry air. This approach ensures a consistent supply of pure and safe drinking water throughout the year, across diverse geographic regions.

9. Hydronomy

Founding Year: 2019Employee Range: 2-10Location: USASignal Strength: Very StrongWhat they do: Hydronomy offers decentralized, solar-powered atmospheric water generators, AirWell and Hydrator. These devices source, purify, and access clean drinking water with on-site, off-grid operations. For instance, the AirWell units integrate into a home’s exterior and supply purified water to existing hot water tanks. Hydrator is powered by solar and optimized with smart controls for water production. Hydronomy provides cost savings and addresses the critical water-energy nexus.

10. Solaq

Founding Year: 2023Employee Range: 2-10Location: NetherlandsSignal Strength: Medium StrongWhat they do: Solaq’s air-to-water technology harvests water directly from the air. Utilizing a three-step cycle involving absorption, distillation, and solar energy, Solaq’s system benefits remote communities. Also, it assists emergency relief efforts, vertical farming initiatives, high-tech agriculture, and military operations, offering a versatile solution to water access challenges. This approach ensures dependable and safe access to premium drinking water across various regions, irrespective of local water sources.

Tips to Quickly Find New Water Supply Companies

Utilizing a SaaS platform like the Discovery Platform for identifying new water supply companies provides significant benefits compared to traditional scouting methods:

Streamlined Efficiency: The Discovery Platform offers advanced tools that streamline the scouting process. It replaces your hours of conventional desk research, saving time and resources in identifying water supply innovations.Access to Real-time Insights: Gain a competitive edge with up-to-date information on the latest trends in the water supply industry. The platform keeps you informed with near real-time updates on emerging water supply companies and news, enabling you to make swift and informed decisions.Tailored Exploration: Customize your search to focus on specific niches within the water supply sector, such as seawater desalination systems, water network anomaly management, or IoT water management. The platform’s diverse filtering options allow you to target your scouting efforts precisely, ensuring that you find the most relevant and groundbreaking companies in the field.

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