Thursday, February22nd, 2024

The Alitheia Ecosystem Goes Live on Ethereum Blockchain in


You missed out!

Ecosystem Membership
 Alitheia Class NFT

For The Conscious Entrepreneurs, Charities, Real Estate Developers, Inventors, and Investors

  • Accredited Investors and Family Offices are Free, ALWAYS.
  • Delaware Master Series LLC setup as a Family LLC, to operate as a Holding Company
  • Two Registered Sub-Series LLCs for Project and Fund SPV Oversight
  • Standardized Protected Sub-Series SPV Operating Agreement Templates for Ecosystem Tokenization
  • Access to All Ecosystem Databases and Templates for Ecosystem SPV use. 
  • Full Write Access to the Alitheia InterPlanetary File System Nodes (Blockchain Access)
  • Full Write Access to the Alitheia Ethereum NFT Studio (Blockchain Access)
  • Full Participation in The Ecosystem Joint Venture Partner Program (9% Equity in Referred Members' Projects)

Impact Plan Agency Membership
Epiptos Class NFT

For Agents, Brokers, Consultants, Business Developers That Want to Refer Business

  • Free Channel Partner Upgrade to All In Person Events
  • A Delaware Holding Company set up to receive equities, contracts, and assigns from within the Ecosystem
  • Exclusive Access and Positioning to Ecosystem Round Tables and Impact Plan Think Tanks
  • Ecosystem Channel to Promote Your Involvement and Your Clients
  • Custom Audiences to Promote Your Consultancy on Social Media
  • White Label all tools and data driven pages for your clients
  • Earn 10% Commissions on All NFTs and Products Purchased by Your Clients - FOREVER
  • Receive 4.5% Founder's Equity in Any projects Tokenized  by your Clients - FOREVER

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