Linea, the rapidly expanding zkEVM on Ethereum, has unveiled its latest initiative, Culture SZN, aimed at fostering community engagement within the Web3 ecosystem. This program highlights over 20 NFT creators and invites users to participate in minting and voting activities, ultimately forming exclusive Linea Guilds, according to

Building a Vibrant Ecosystem

As part of its progressive journey from testnet to decentralization, Linea focuses on enhancing security, scalability, and decentralization within the Web3 ecosystem. The Culture SZN initiative aims to accelerate engagement by spotlighting creative communities and facilitating easy NFT minting and voting processes.

How to Participate

Users are invited to mint NFTs and vote for their favorite communities. Minting is free, with the only cost being gas fees. The platform fees from partners are waived to ensure the primary focus is on community engagement. Users can mint NFTs through MetaMask Portfolio and various NFT minting platforms within the Linea Ecosystem.

Creators and community managers can also benefit from Linea’s no-code toolkit, Phosphor, which simplifies NFT creation and direct minting into MetaMask Portfolio. Additional partners supporting Culture SZN include Element, NFTs2ME, Mintpad, ClutchAI, and omnisea.

Structure and Timeline

Culture SZN spans five weeks, comprising four primary waves and one final extension wave. Each main wave lasts one week and features six creators. At the end of each wave, users vote for the most popular mint, with the winning project receiving the title of “Linea Guild.” The fifth week will see a final voting wave to elect a fifth Linea Guild.

The event runs from July 1st to August 1st, with daily mints available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m. ET.

Voting and Rewards

Users can gain voting power by participating in mints and previous LXP-incentivized campaigns. Voting is open for four days at the end of each wave. Users must mint at least one NFT from the respective week to vote, and the weight of the vote depends on LXP holdings.

Proof of Humanity (PoH) measures are required for voting but not for minting. However, users must complete PoH to collect LXP.

Featured Artists

Culture SZN features 24 artists from the Linea NFT community, including OctoMos, Efrogs, Linus, Foxy, Yooldo, Toad the Great, and many others. Each artist brings unique creative visions, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem Linea is cultivating.

At the end of Culture SZN, Linea aims to have nurtured numerous community-centric projects and established five influential Linea Guilds.

Get started on Linea Culture SZN here, powered by Layer3.

Image source: Shutterstocknft


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