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Terrill Dicki

Jul 02, 2024 09:54

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has issued an alert to the public regarding a fraudulent social media account and phishing instant messages associated with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), according to a press release from the HKMA. These fraudulent activities have been reported to the HKMA and are under investigation.

Details of the Fraudulent Activities

The HKMA’s warning includes a reminder that banks typically do not send SMS or emails with embedded hyperlinks directing customers to their websites for transactions. Additionally, banks will not request sensitive personal information such as login passwords or One-Time Passwords (OTPs) through phone calls, emails, or SMS, including those with embedded links.

Public Advisory

Members of the public who have provided personal information or conducted financial transactions in response to the fraudulent social media account or phishing messages should immediately contact the Royal Bank of Canada using the contact details provided in the official press release. Furthermore, individuals are advised to report the incident to the Hong Kong Police Force’s Crime Wing Information Centre at 2860 5012.

The HKMA emphasizes the importance of vigilance and awareness in the face of such scams, urging the public to be cautious of unsolicited requests for personal information or financial transactions.

For more detailed information, the official press release can be found on the HKMA website.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority2 July 2024

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