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Golem Network announces golem-js 3.0, featuring modular design, new models, and budget estimation. The update aims to improve developer experience and ecosystem decentralization.

Lawrence Jengar

Jul 02, 2024 14:25

Golem Network has officially released golem-js 3.0, the latest stable version of its core JavaScript SDK component. This update introduces significant enhancements, new features, and crucial improvements to the platform, according to Golem Network.

Driven by Experience

The development of golem-js 3.0 was driven by extensive validation of the 2.x design. The Golem Factory team built various mini-applications and proofs of concept, assisted community developers, and analyzed projects from the DegenHack hackathon to gather feedback that informed the new release.

Key Features Delivered

Golem-js 3.0 introduces several noteworthy features:

Introduction of the GolemNetwork root module
Modular design exposing core modules to developers
New ResourceRental and ExeUnit models replacing the previous TaskExecutor and WorkContext
Budget estimation and burn-rate pricing model
VPN support for communication between workloads on rented computation resources
Passive market scan functionality for market research
Capability to consume allocations created outside of the Requestor scripts
Improved decentralization through direct GVMI upload from Requestor to Provider, bypassing the Golem Registry
Enhanced developer experience with a new Events API and RxJS Observables

Fixes and Improvements

The release also addresses several issues present in version 2.x:

Fixed the issue with no new offers for long-running operations by refreshing the Demand for resources every 30 minutes
golem-js is now ESM compatible
getHealthyProvidersWhiteList now obtains the whitelist from the Golem Reputation System
Significantly improved SDK shutdown performance

Migration and Support

With the release of version 3.0, version 2.0 is no longer maintained. Users are encouraged to migrate using the provided upgrading instructions. The TaskExecutor component has been moved to a standalone library, @golem-sdk/task-executor, which is compatible with golem-js 2.x.

Golem Network also offers support through its official Discord channels, where developers can seek assistance with the migration process.

The golem-js 3.0 release is a foundational update that aims to make the SDK more adaptable for new fields and use cases, with more features expected to be added in future updates.

Image source: Shutterstockgolem


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