The Ethereum Foundation has announced the launch of a quadratic funding round aimed at supporting communities in Southeast Asia (SEA), according to the Ethereum Foundation Blog. This move is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to foster grassroots development and community engagement within the region.

A Special Initiative for SEA Communities

The quadratic funding round is being organized in collaboration with, a platform dedicated to promoting community-driven fundraising. The Ethereum Foundation has committed $30,000 to the matching pool, which will be used to amplify contributions from community members. This funding method prioritizes the preferences of the community, ensuring that funds are distributed according to the collective choices of participants.

Southeast Asian Ethereum communities are encouraged to participate and donate, with the matching pool designed to significantly enhance individual contributions. For those unfamiliar with quadratic funding, a detailed explanation is available here.

The Road to Devcon Southeast Asia

Earlier this year, the Ethereum Foundation team embarked on a tour across Southeast Asia, visiting cities such as Hanoi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Jakarta, Manila, and Singapore. These visits included community meetups where local Ethereum enthusiasts and developers gathered to share ideas and celebrate achievements.

The tour highlighted the growing interest in open-source technologies among young students and the collaborative efforts of community leaders to advance Ethereum development. The enthusiasm and vibrant energy at these meetups underscored the region’s potential as a hub for blockchain innovation.

What is the Road to Devcon?

The Road to Devcon (RTD) is a series of events and initiatives driven by local communities in SEA. These activities are designed to support grassroots movements and foster the emergence of new community leaders. The RTD events serve as a testament to the Ethereum Foundation’s commitment to nurturing local talents and ideas.

Individuals interested in joining these events can find more information on the RTD calendar. Additionally, those wishing to contribute to the Road to Devcon can explore the RTD grants program.

Get Involved in Devcon

The Ethereum Foundation encourages community involvement through various initiatives leading up to Devcon. These include the Devcon Farcaster Frames, where participants can create frames to win Devcon tickets, and the Devcon SEA Supporters Program, which supports Ethereum public goods and key projects. Interested individuals can get involved by suggesting ideas to improve Devcon or joining the Supporters Program.

To stay updated on ticket sales and speaker applications, community members can subscribe to the newsletter or follow Devcon on various social media platforms, including X/Twitter, Lens, Farcaster, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Ethereum Foundation remains committed to building a vibrant and inclusive community, and the launch of the quadratic funding round for SEA is a significant step in this direction.

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