BounceBit, a pioneer in the CeDeFi industry, has announced the launch of two groundbreaking products—Easy and Superfast—as part of its July 2024 outlook, according to BounceBit. The company aims to continue its innovation streak as it dives into Q3 of the year.

BounceBit Easy

BounceBit is set to introduce Easy, a product designed to simplify yield earning for BTCB and USDT holders. The new offering promises a fixed APR, minimal interaction, and high yields, leveraging BounceBit’s innovative CeDeFi infrastructure to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for growing crypto holdings.


Another major announcement is the introduction of Superfast, an on-chain brokerage service for BounceBit. The product aims to offer super-fast and liquid transactions for $BB and Liquid Custody Tokens (LCTs). Superfast addresses the liquidity issues faced by BBTC and BBUSD due to fragmentation between chains.

BBTC and BBUSD are LCTs backed by BTCB and USDT, respectively, and are widely adopted by major centralized exchanges. The smart contract-based system will record orders and transmit them to centralized exchanges like Binance via dedicated APIs, providing nearly unlimited liquidity and low fees. Transactions will settle within seconds, hence the name Superfast.


To complement these product launches, BounceBit will host several campaigns offering lucrative rewards, including yield boosts and BB token rewards. Additionally, the company plans to integrate multiple LCTs with top-tier Layer 1 and Layer 2 chain projects and provide a sneak peek at a revamped BounceClub.

About BounceBit

BounceBit is a trailblazer in the CeDeFi space, merging the best aspects of centralized and decentralized finance to deliver unparalleled asset management and yield generation opportunities. As the first native BTC Restaking chain, BounceBit is committed to developing secure, efficient, and user-friendly financial solutions.

Image source: Shutterstockbouncebit
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