ZAGO Manufacturing Co., a Newark-based, high-tech sustainable sealing fasteners and switch boots manufacturer, is celebrating Women’s History Month 2024 with a new achievement: certification as a Women Business Enterprise in New Jersey.

The WBE certification opens doors to new opportunities in government and the private sector where supplier diversity is a priority.

“The certified Women Business Enterprise status is a significant milestone,” Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich, co-founder and CEO of ZAGO said. “It enhances access to contract opportunities where sustainability and supplier diversity is important, such as in offshore wind.”

“March is Women’s History Month, and it is only fitting that we recognize this WBE certification as a pivotal accomplishment, especially for women in manufacturing,” said Jackie Luciano, ZAGO vice president, who joined ZAGO 16 years ago as a part-time bookkeeper while raising young children and advanced to a leadership role after earning her Rutgers MBA in finance. “It empowers women to aim high when pursuing ownership and leadership positions.”

Friedberg Rottenstrich, a corporate attorney, and her husband, Harvey Rottenstrich, an engineer, co-founded ZAGO 31 years ago and envisioned it becoming a diverse employer and a great place for both women and men to work and flourish.

“Harvey and I realized that ZAGO should become a woman-owned manufacturer to show women, explicitly and implicitly, what is possible,” Friedberg Rottenstrich said.



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