Vision Engineering, a multinational designer and manufacturer of innovative, patented ergonomic stereo optical and digital instruments has relocated its anodising arm, Milturn Finishing, to a brand-new facility in Measham, Leicestershire following its acquisition in 2022.

The Leicestershire location is beneficial as the Midlands serves as a major hub for UK manufacturing, innovation, and skilled workforce.

The new ISO9001 certified site delivers modern new facilities which include large 3m x 1.5m anodising tanks, which accommodate larger workpieces, enabling efficient processing of entire components without needing to break them down. This reduces processing time and cost.

Larger tanks also enable deeper immersion for uniform anodising. The increased depth allows for complete submersion of parts, ensuring consistent coating thickness and quality across the entire surface and reduced handling needs for smaller parts, meaning that batch processing of smaller parts becomes more efficient, minimising handling time and potential damage.

Milturn Finishing’s high load crane delivers safe and efficient handling of heavy workpieces, improved productivity and throughput including faster handling of parts, and handling multiple parts at once, boosting productivity.

The company’s services include accurate masking and demasking of complex parts pre- and post anodising which delivers high accuracy selective anodising, maintaining dimensional integrity, improving process efficiency, and ultimately contributing to consistently high-quality results. Alongside extensive experience and professional advice in anodising and finishing plus competitive pricing. A fast track service, free delivery and collection, together with free quotation and sampling services complete the picture for the new Milturn Finishing offer.

Milturn’s long term customer base consists of manufacturers in a variety of industries, such as professional film camera, seagoing marine, automotive, high-end shop and hotel fitting and others, who are characterised by a requirement for reliable, well finished components for intensive use, sensitive or harsh environment conditions.

Commenting on the launch of the new facility, Vision Engineering’s director of manufacturing, Steve Mead said: ‘We are delighted to be adding these new modern finishing facilities to our Manufacturing Services offer. They enable us not only to improve the way we meet the needs of our existing finishing customers, but also present a real opportunity to attract new, Midlands based customers to Milturn Finishing’s customer base.’

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