MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – Washington State College of Ohio and Washington County Career Center are partnering to create a pathway for students in their process technology programs.

Beginning this fall, high school students can enroll in the Process Technology program at the career center to earn a certificate.

Once a student earns the required credits, they can transfer to Washington State and complete the remaining courses required to earn an associate degree.

Career Center Superintendent Dr. Tony Huffman said collaboration is crucial for workforce development.

“Especially in rural areas like right here in the Marietta and Mid-Ohio Valley area, we need to be working together. We need to be recognizing the equipment that both institutions have and the workforce needs that we have here in the valley. This is going to be a way to put both institutions equipment to work and really produce a better student.”

Washington State College of Ohio president Dr. Vicky Wood credited her staff for making this possible.

“They are the ones that have dug in to develop the curriculum, the labs, and worked with the career center to create the alignment we need, so that students can transition from the career center to Washington State College of Ohio seamlessly without losing credits because our goal is to produce as many graduates as we can to meet the workforce needs of our region.”



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