Shimla, Mar 16 (PTI) Manufacturing, storage, distribution or sale of cotton candy has been prohibited in Himachal Pradesh in the interest of public health for a period of one year till March 15, 2025, an order issued here on Saturday said.     Cotton candy is a spun sugar confection containing small amounts of flavouring or food colouring. It is called cotton candy as it resembles cotton.     The Commissioner (Food Safety) cum Secretary (Health) in its order said that “storage, distribution or sale of Cotton Candy (going by whatsoever name) whether packaged or unpackaged is prohibited in the state for a period of one year” under section 30 (2) (a) of Food Safety and Standards (FSSA) Act, 2006.     Under the said section, the Commissioner, Food Safety shall prohibit in the interest of public health, the manufacture, storage, distribution or sale of any article of food either in the whole of the state or any area or part for a period not exceeding one year.     Examination of cotton candy samples from various districts of the state revealed that these products contain non- permitted and potentially hazardous colour contravening the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, the order said.     The laboratory analysis of these samples has unequivocally revealed the presence of unauthorized colour additives and the widespread detection of these non-permitted colours in cotton candy poses significant risk to public health, particularly to children who are the primary consumers of cotton candy, the order said.     The consumption of such cotton candy endangers human health and if consumption of these food articles is allowed without prohibition the well being of current and future generations will be compromised, the order added.

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