The history of the PJSC “Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works“ is not only a part of the historical path of the city of Kremenchuk and the Poltava region, but also a reflection of Ukraine’s outstanding history, this is reported by the railway transport news portal Railway Supply.

In 2024, the plant will celebrate its anniversary. Over 155 years of operation, the enterprise has undergone a long, challenging, but successful path of development.

Founded in 1869, the Kryukov railway workshops reflect the advanced trends of that time, with active railroad construction and the development of railway transportation.

Throughout its history, the enterprise has shifted its focus to the repair and production of railcars, becoming the largest workshops of the Kharkiv-Nikolaev Railway.

In 1930, the enterprise became a railcar building plant and began producing new rolling stock, achieving significant success in the production of semi-wagons and other equipment for railway transport.

During World War II, the plant was evacuated to Perm, where it produced goods for the front.

After the war, the plant developed new directions, including the production of engineering equipment and hopper wagons for bulk cargo transportation.

In subsequent years, new models of passenger cars were developed and introduced, leading to the development of the passenger railcar industry in Ukraine.

Today, the enterprise successfully manufactures various equipment for railway transport, applying the latest technologies and striving for quality and innovation.

Through its work and achievements, PJSC “Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works“ makes a significant contribution to strengthening Ukraine’s economic potential and ensuring its worthy future.

The team of the Railway Supply railway information portal sincerely congratulates the team and management of PJSC “Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works“ on its anniversary!”

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