Lakeland, FL, March 16, 2024 –(– Patrick Schrecongost, National Sales Manager of Unilux Advanced Manufacturing (Unilux) has announced thatEngineered Energy Equipment(EEE) has joined their representative network. EEE, based in Lakeland, FL., has been appointed as a distributor for Unilux in Florida.

The Unilux platform was introduced in 1979 and has been exclusively built in America since 2004. The flexible water tube heat exchanger is available from 30 to 1600 BHP and the fire tube heat exchanger from 60 to 600 BHP. The water tube units can be factory field erected per UL 2106.

“Engineered Energy Equipment’s blend of enthusiasm and expertise in the Florida boiler market is irresistible. We are fortunate to have them promoting and applying Unilux products in the Sunshine State,” said Schrecongost.

Our EEE Sales Team visited the Unilux headquarters in Schenectady, New York in December, when it was a little chilly for our Florida-based team; however, the welcome was warm, and the factory was state-of-the-art,” said Kevin “Boilerman” Warren, Director of Sales for EEE. “We are looking forward to representing Unilux and their water tube boiler, in particular,” added Warren.

Schrecongost elaborated on the flexible water tube platform’s higher efficiency, thermal shock resistance, and flow independence, “They are coveted in both comfort and process heating applications. Many processes find the cold start capability, steam or hot water in 15 minutes or less, to be really, really attractive. It is arguably the best fired heat exchanger produced in the United States.”

With 100+ years of combined experience, the EEE Sales Team includes Hubble Keller, Kevin Warren, Zack Kingry, and Kelly Stuart Williams. Co-founded by Warren, a US Navy Veteran and 23-year Boiler Technician Chief (BTC) ret., and Keller, second generation in the boiler business; EEE was formed in December, 2005. As a manufacturers representative, EEE provides state of the art equipment to support the many needs of Central Florida industries from theme parks to citrus processing plants and from hospitals to hotels and beyond.

For more information, contact the EEE Sales Office at 863-682-3333, or call the Boilerman of EEE at 863-581-3221. By e-mail, they can be reached at



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