"The Whole is Greater Than ..." - Aristotle

... the Sum of The Parts. This is the guiding principle of the Alitheia Ecosystem, the Platform of Platforms that creates an entire synergy from concept to capitalization to execution to nearly eliminate friction for Entrepreneurs working to improve the Human Condition. The Ecosystem leverages Ethereum Smart Contract Governance, IPFS Decentralized Write Only Data Storage, and a Five Oracle Transactional Process to insure the highest levels of principal protections, transactional transparency, and immutable governance archiving.


The Ecosystem Joint Venture Partner is more than just the person who referred you to The Ecosystem. They help you raise capital, staff your projects, and launch your ventures. They are your One Stop Consultant. Capital, Compliance, Governance, Advisory, Business Development, and Syndication, via their relationship with The Alitheia Group, you have everything you need to launch, develop, scale, and ultimately syndicate your idea, company, or consultancy.



The Alitheia Platform Companies are joint ventures with Industry experts in a given field from a consulting, funding, sales and marketing, and execution perspectives. In addtion to industry experts, each platform is attached to a 501C3 and a social media influencer to promote the platform, projects, and the over-arching Alitheia Impact Plan. The platform partnership brings proven business experience, industry expertise, and standardized business plans to de-risk startups, and lower the cost of starting new ventures in syndicated communities.



The Alitheia Legal Group is your legal team, more than just a name on documents, they are your proxy, in place to protect your privacy, ensure your legal compliance, customize documents, and even if needed, defend you in court. Funded by the Alitheia Legal Trust, all business ventures within The Ecosystem are represented by The Alitheia Legal Group which interfaces with all financial counter-parties and manages all the Attorney Relationships within the Ecosystem.



The Alitheia Consulting Group is a critical component of The Ecosystem. The primary function is to work with the Entrepreneurs in The Ecosystem to adapt their businesses to the Economic Development Mission of The Alitheia Impact Plan, help with their business plan, syndication plan, and marketing plan and ensuring the viability and success, at scale, of every plan put forward within The Ecosystem.



The Alitheia Capital Group works with the Entrepreneurs to build their financials, offering documents, filings, registrations, and the execution of their 506C Regulation D|S Offerings. This is the primary Unique Sales Proposition to The Ecosystem, the done with you approach to preparing all of your documents, formatting them to meet industry expectations, and launching The Offering. In addition, Alitheia Capital Group provides support from the Alitheia Feeder Funds and the Alitheia Lending Group for blended capital solutions and vertically integrated leverage.



Alitheia Holdings works with the Ecosystem General Partners, Fund Executives, Limited Partners, Lenders, and Investors to create private placement financial products for the Entrepreneurs, onboarding General Partners, Limited Partners, and Accredited Investors to streamline the project funding process for The Ecosystem Entrepreneur by offering proprietary blended capital solutions, vertical integrations, and the cohesion found in implementing the Maslow Directive across the the primary Ecosystem Initiatives, The Main Street Initiative, The Emerging Nations Initiative, and The Indigenous People's Initiative.


The Ergo Token Equity Structure