The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing up to $22 million in partnerships to enhance conservation technical assistance for livestock producers and promote conservation practices on grazing lands. The USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is soliciting proposals through its Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) until May 26, 2024.

“Privately owned grazing lands cover nearly 30 percent of the national landscape, which means we have a tremendous opportunity to address climate change and conserve natural resources through voluntary, private lands conservation,” NRCS Chief Terry Cosby said in a press release. “NRCS enlists a wide variety of conservation practices to help livestock producers. These partnerships will also help us expand the footprint of conservation on grazing lands and could help better reach underserved producers.”   

These partnerships aim to address barriers to accessing grazing assistance, prioritize local resource concerns, promote climate-smart agriculture, and incorporate Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge where applicable. GLCI will expand technical assistance for farmers and ranchers engaged in grazing activities, fostering peer-to-peer networks and providing financial support for mentors.

Eligible entities include nonprofit organizations, farmer or rancher organizations, governmental agencies, Tribal governments, and land grant universities. GLCI aims to bolster conservation efforts on private grazing lands and support underserved producers, ultimately contributing to climate resilience and natural resource conservation. Applications are being accepted through, with GLCI also supporting initiatives like the National Grazing Lands Coalition and the Triennial National Grazing Lands Conference.

Listen to the report below.

Brian GermanAg News Director / AgNet West


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