USDA releases 2023 crop yields for Hardin County –

Home News USDA releases 2023 crop yields for Hardin County

KENTON — The U.S. Department of Agriculture released the statistics for the 2023 growing season.

According to a recent press release from The Ohio State University Extension’s Hardin County office, 87,900 acres of corn were planted, with 83,600 acres harvested last year. The release also showed 15,784,000 bushels of corn were produced. Across the state, the corn yield averaged 198.0 bushels per acre.

The state planted around 116,500 acres of soybeans. The average yield of soybean bushels in the state were 58.0 per acre. The state also planted 14,000 acres of wheat, according to the release. The average weight in the state was 90.0 bushels per acre.

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