The ISP can now provide high-speed internet access to 6,684 Texans.

Photo of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

July 2, 2024 – Internet service provider Bluebonnet Fiber announced on Monday a new partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture to expand broadband access to over 6,600 residents in 5 Texas counties.

USDA uses direct and guaranteed loans, intermediary relending programs and grants to provide funding for reliable and affordable high-speed internet builds in rural areas and support innovation and economic and workforce development.

With this partnership, Bluebonnet Fiber can now complete pre-construction efforts within the next several months for builds that will connect rural areas that have limited or no access to internet services.

The company emphasized that as technology becomes essential in daily life, communities must have access to affordable and reliable broadband for remote learning, telehealth, workforce development, emergency services, and job procurement. 

“Our partnership with the USDA will help us better address the unique challenges faced by rural communities in South Texas and ensure that our plans align with the needs and expectations of local residents,” said President of Operations at Bluebonnet Wyatt Ciomperlik. “We’re committed to providing reliable, high-speed internet access to everyone, regardless of where they live.”

In June, the USDA announced that it is making $25 million available through the Broadband Technical Assistance Program in a second round of funding to help local organizations, cooperatives and tribal governments expand affordability and availability of high-speed internet.

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