The program’s shelter housing will receive a $375,000 communities and facilities grant.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, S.C. — Renovations continue to be underway to the CASA Family Systems shelter in Orangeburg County, thanks to a USDA grant. 

CASA provides shelter services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and a children’s center for children who have faced, neglect, sexual abuse and physical abuse.

The facility will receive a $375,000 Communities Facilities Grant from the US Department of Agriculture.

The funds will be used for a generator, fencing, appliances and furnishings at the domestic shelter.

Orangeburg County Council Member Latisha Walker says this program is a necessity in the county.

“Orangeburg County is a rural county, and these services are crucial in counties such as these,” said Walker. “Again, with South Carolina being the top ten in the nation, Orangeburg also has statistics that are not well or are not good for violent crimes, so facilities and locations and services provided such as these are instrumental in a community such as Orangeburg County.”

CASA Family Systems also offers educational and outreach programs in which they focus on prevention, strengthening parental bonds and more.

Walker says its important everyone understands the nature and prevalence of domestic violence.

“We need to be not only able to support but we need to be able to continue to be able to educate,” said Walker. “From elementary school on up what domestic violence looks like how we can avoid it and what we need to do if we are a victim.”

The shelter’s construction is expected to be completed before the end of the year.



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