NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A new program aims to make sure children have access to food now that they’re out of school for the summer.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says more than 21 million children could be impacted by their Summer EBT program, also known as “Sun Bucks,” in some states.

“We know summer is a really hard time for families. Kids aren’t in school, they don’t have access to the free school breakfast and lunch program, and that’s where summer meal programs come in,” said Chief Programs Officer Jessica Morgan with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

35 states are taking part in the program including Tennessee and Kentucky.

Families with eligible school-aged children can get $120 per eligible child to stock up on groceries during the summer at stores and farmers markets.

Officials say if you’re already enrolled in benefits like SNAP, your child will automatically be enrolled or you can apply through the USDA’s website.

When students don’t have access to breakfast and lunch during the school day, that’s ten meals a week they’re missing.

This program could be just the relief you need to save money and not have to worry about the high cost of groceries. Click herefor everything you want to know about the program.

Wonder Woman; school celebrates beloved teacher living with brain cancer

I think we can all remember our favorite teachers. In so many ways they leave an imprint on our lives. Get your tissue ready for Forrest Sanders’ story on Ms. McMurray. She has poured so much into her students, and they are returning the love when it’s needed most.

-Carrie Sharp



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