The Organic Trade Association and The Organic Center have received a $2.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Organic Market Development Grant aims to expand organic markets through consumer education and promotion. The two organizations will match funds as part of the grant, which will ultimately total $4.4 million over three years. The grant project, in collaboration with Organic Voices and an Industry Advisory Committee, will promote the science-backed benefits of USDA-certified organic products.

“We thank USDA for making this project possible with this important funding. Consumers lack information about all that the USDA Organic label stands for and all the benefits it delivers for human health, the environment, and businesses,” OTA co-CEO Tom Chapman said in a press release. “Our project aims to increase the consumption of organic by giving consumers access to more credible information about what organic production and processing means, and the advantages it provides.”

By developing creative content and launching a full-scale marketing campaign, the project aims to increase the consumption of organic products, focusing on dairy, grain, and fiber. It will target regions where organic production is less prevalent. Outcomes of the grant project will include a comprehensive report on effective organic consumer marketing strategies to benefit the entire organic industry, creating a lasting impact on organic market growth. This initiative is part of the USDA Organic Transition Initiative launched in 2022 to support organic farmers and transitioning producers.

Listen to the report below.

Brian GermanAg News Director / AgNet West


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