NEW YORK:Coffeeproduction in the world is projected to increase by 7 million bags, or 4.1%, in the new crop that in most countries starts in October, the United States Agriculture Department (USDA) said on Thursday in a biannual report.

The USDA said total production of the beans will rise to 176.23 million 60-kg bags from 169.18 million bags previously, mostly due to higher output in top grower Brazil and to a recovery in robusta grower Indonesia after last year’s dismal crop that was hit by the El Nino climate pattern.

Consumption was projected up 3.1 million bags to 170.6 million bags, the department said, adding that exports from producing countries to non-producing ones are expected to rise by 3.6 million bags to 123.1 million bags.

Global coffee production comes from countries located in the tropics, while most of the consumption happens in the Northern Hemisphere with the United States and the European Union as the main destinations.

Brazil’s production is seen rising by 3.6 million bags, while Indonesia’s output was projected to increase by 2.8 million bags, said the USDA, adding that production was basically stable in Vietnam, the world’s second largest grower.

With the changes, the USDA estimates global ending stocks in 2024/25 at 25.78 million bags from a five-year low of 23.93 million bags seen in 2023/24.



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