KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. – A newly released inspection report revealed more animal welfare violations at Miami Seaquarium, and it comes just days before an eviction deadline.

The USDA releasing its report from a January inspection, once again saying the Seaquarium failed to provide the necessary care to its animals, with all of that work falling on a single veterinarian.

In the report, the agency highlighted at least six critical cases, noting that because of those cases, some animals hadn’t received routine care for over a year.

Some of the violations related to a sea lion named Sushi which was euthanized the day of the inspection. Sushi had had lost 52 pounds over four months after becoming ill.

Another sea lion, Bud, died three weeks ago.

Also noted in the report, a dolphin with multiple rib fractures, and another that was thin and suffering from tooth erosion and eye issues.

Federal inspectors said the site had just one vet to care for the facility’s 42 marine mammals, 47 birds and hundreds of fish, sharks and rays.

In late February, the Seaquarium’s head vet resigned.

A few days after that, the county announced it would move to terminate its lease with the marine park, citing animal welfare violations and facility failures. And just two days ago, the county issued another notice, saying the park was nearly $88,000 behind in rent payments. The Seaquarium has until Sunday to leave.

Last week, Local 10 News received an exclusive tour of the Seaquarium, as The Dolphin Company showed the improvements they say they’re making to the park, adding that repair work takes time.

The Seaquarium has said it would fight the eviction

Local 10 News reached out to The Dolphin Company for comment on the new inspection report and are waiting to hear back.



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