Officials with the FDA and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) attended the annual China International Companion Animal Food Ingredients Conference (CAFIC 2024) in Yangzhou last month. The conference is hosted by Chinese company, LAMB Consultancy, which specializes in marketing, compliance, and international trade of pet foods, animal feeds, ingredients, additives, equipment, and certification programs. The theme of this year’s conference was “How technology and management improve safety, quality and innovation of pet foods.”1

According to the release,1 China produces 1.46 million metric tons of dry pet food and the total value of China’s wet pet food production was estimated to be 3 billion USD. And the industry is only expanding. The annual growth averages at an increase of 10% in the past 5 years.

Some highlights from the presentations include Ted Shibata, acting director of the USDA’s Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Shanghai, provided an overview of US pet foods and ingredients and trade status with China. Other presenters represented the Netherlands, Poland, and Thailand. There was a total of 28 presentations, a panel discussion, and a tour to Keshan Pet Food.1


Ashley van Batavia, DVM, MA, veterinarian of USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) office in Beijing, gave a presentation and introduced protocols of US pet foods and rendered animal protein ingredients signed by APHIS and the Chinese counterpart, and regulation APHIS has been implementing to guarantee bio-safety of US pet foods and pet food ingredients.

Edward Potter, assistant country director at FDA’s China Office, gave the keynote speech on “US Compliance Requirements for Foreign Pet Food Facilities and Pet Food Importers.” He answered questions about FDA regulations on pet foods and ingredients and explained the pre-market pet food ingredient approval process and the FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls for Animal Food. He also highlighted the importance of the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) and the mandatory requirements for exporting pet foods to the US.

From left to right: Edward Potter, assistant country director at FDA’s China Office, Ashley van Batavia, DVM, MA, veterinarian of USDA-APHIS office in Beijing, and Ted Shibata, acting director of USDA-ATO in Shanghai, presenting at CAFIC 2024. (Photo courtesy of LAMB Consultancy)

Ingredient suppliers and food companies also had the opportunity to present advanced ingredient technologies and new initiatives the company’s are planning. The panel discussion allowed for an open discussion of successes, challenges, and progress in adapting new product innovation, manufacturing optimization, and quality control of pet food/treat products.


FDA and USDA elaborated how supply chains of pet foods, treats, and ingredients safeguarded between USA and trade partners at CAFIC 2024. News release. LAMB Consultancy Co, Ltd. May 22, 2024. Accessed May 23, 2024.



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