The Arcadian Community

Master Planned Living to Maximize

Stability, Security, Privacy, Community, and Holistic Living for Entrepreneurs Globally

What Is An Arcadia Community?

  • Carbon Neutral, Sustainable Design and Construction.
  • Vertically Integrated Sustainable, Organic Building Materials.
  • MIami Dade Hurricane and California SSC-500 Seismic Certified.
  • Solar Shingle Design and Dedicated Community Solar Farm.
  • Greenhouse Production of Micro-Greens, Produce, Sprouts, and Hemp.
  • Chemical Free Water Treatement Systems Community Wide.
  • Entrepreneur Center for Startups providing Incubation, Acceleration.
  • Dedicated CDFI Support offering SBA, USDA, and other programs.
  • Blockchain HOA Governance providing true community democracy.
  • Community Trust backstopping private mortgages and loans.
  • Community Trust providing a private social safety net for members.

Arcadia Master Community

The Alitheia Flagship Project for Affordable, Sustainable, Holistic Living for Entrepreneurs

Affordable, Carbon-Neutral Housing

The Arcadia Master Community offers a revolutionary solution to the ever-growing demand for affordable and sustainable housing. Our community offers homes built with hemp-crete SIP Panels, which not only provide superior insulation but are also carbon-neutral, pest repellant, mold resistant, and require less skilled labor to construct. Each home is equipped with solar panels, making it energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but what truly sets us apart is our financing model. We believe that everyone should have access to quality housing, and that's why each home is financed by the developer. Furthermore, we ensure that each deeded owner is named as a beneficiary to the community trust and the financial benefits therein as part of the Alitheia Foundation's mission to provide universal income, affordable health care, education, and protection from inflation and other cost of living increases.

Independent Solar Power Infrastructure

The Arcadia Master Community, we're proud to offer energy independence and sustainable living options to all of our residents. Our seven to fifteen megawatt solar farm and solar panels on every structure provide clean, renewable energy to power our community. But we don't stop there. When we generate more energy than we need, the Communities partner with Alitheia Holdings to sell the surplus back to the local grid, providing a financial benefit to our community members. We also sell carbon tax credits, further contributing to a more sustainable future and providing a Universal Income to our residents. By belonging to our community, you'll enjoy the benefits of energy independence and sustainable living, all while contributing to a better world for everyone. Join us today in the Arcadia Master Community and experience the power of a sustainable future.

Clean Water and Sustainable, Nutritious Food

The Arcadia Master Community is committed to providing sustainable and healthy living options for all of our residents. Our water purification systems do not rely on chemical treatment of the water, providing clean, chemical-free water that is essential for our survival. We believe that providing clean water is imperative to improving the human condition, and we're proud to offer this foundational element of sustainable living to our residents. In addition to our commitment to clean water, our community also boasts a commercial agricultural economy. We raise produce, tilapia, trout, and shrimp using sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods, providing both food for our community and economic benefits to the community trust. We're committed to creating a better future for everyone and we are  leading the way in sustainable and innovative living options.

Incubator / Accelerators For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the engine of progress, and the world is in dire need of impactful projects that can solve pressing problems. Arcadia Communities are syndication points for YOUR project, business development, incubation, acceleration, enrichment, The Ecosystem is always actively seeking projects to enrich the Alitheia Impact Plan, and the Arcadia Community offers a home for like-minded entrepreneurs working on projects that range from agri-tech to renewables, data to artificial intelligence, real estate to bio-tech. This community is designed to incubate and accelerate startups, providing invaluable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help turn your vision into a reality. With twenty-six market silos represented, the community represents a diverse range of expertise and perspectives, creating an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration.

Proprietary Capital Stack for Investors / Funds

The Arcadia Master Community provides a project that investors and fund managers can benefit from the proprietary Alitheia Capital Stack that combines public and private funding sources to develop sustainable, affordable communities for indigenous people, rural zones, and emerging nations. The stack includes USDA Rural Development Loan, HUD Community Development Block Grant, SBA 7(a) Loan Program, and NMTC program. International organizations such as IMF, World Bank Group, ADB, and IDB also provide financing. Grants such as CDFI Fund and RBDG can be leveraged to support education, economic development, food production, and medical services. With the secured financing in place for 80% of the project cost, LPs are offered 50% of the returns for 20% LTC. This capital stack is a sustainable and long-term approach for generating financial returns and creating positive social and economic impact.

Standardized Master Planning for GCs

The Arcadia Master Community presents an opportunity for real estate developers and contractors to invest in a standardized Master Community for rural and unincorporated land development. The community features affordable single-family homes, mixed-use commercial, multi-family, manufacturing, greenhouses, aqua farming, holistic health care, and a solar farm. It is operated as an HOA, governed by smart contracts on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and efficiency in decision-making. By investing in the Arcadia Master Community, developers can be at the forefront of sustainable and responsible development, with limitless potential for growth and innovation. The community's commitment to affordability and sustainability will only strengthen over time, making it a unique opportunity for those looking to make a lasting impact on the world of real estate.

Blockchain HOA For Fairness and Transparency

Property Owners in an Arcadia Community of The Arcadia HOA Blockchain, you not only have the power to vote on important decisions but also to nominate ideas for quarterly votes. Through Alitheia's innovative use of smart contract technology, we have created a transparent and fair system that eliminates favoritism and politics in community management. Our community offers essential services such as maintenance of common areas, landscaping, security, and other amenities, all managed and administered through smart contracts. By embracing this innovative approach, we are building a stronger, more sustainable community that reflects the needs and interests of all residents. This represents the next generation of govenrance, the natural evolution under the Asynchronous Renaissance, a technology and application to provide a path forward by creating forward-thinking communities that prioritize transparency, fairness, and accountability.

The Arcadia Trust - Transparent Profit Sharing

The Community Trust is an innovative and fair approach to community funding that benefits all community property owners. As a Unit Trust, we have designed a system that favors residents over commercial property owners by giving property types weightings. The benefit is paid to the registered deed holder, ensuring that all property owners are compensated in the profit sharing of the Alitheia Enterprises in the Community. In addition the trust is granted equity in Alitheia Holdings critical infrastructure operations within the community, in addition to annual HOA membership fees, and these funds are professionally managed and grown to maximize returns. Quarterly distributions are given to the designated recipient (by smart contract) according to the Trust Deed, ensuring transparency and fairness. Join us in being a part of a community that prioritizes fairness, accountability, and growth through the Community Trust.

Arcadia Is Community - Privatized Social Safety Net

The Arcadia Community Benefit also provides a Private Social Safety Net offered by the Arcadia Trust is a game-changer for members of our community. With this innovative program, individuals not only receive the benefit of quarterly capital contributions but also subsidies in critical areas such as healthcare, insurance, education, and food purchase. The size of the trust over time determines the availability of these subsidies, making it a flexible and adaptable program that responds to the needs of its members. Living in an Arcadia Master Community is an opportunity that cannot be missed, as it offers the chance to secure your financial future while also safeguarding your health and wellbeing. By becoming a member of the Arcadia Trust, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are supported by a robust and reliable social safety net in a private community offering security, privacy, and financial structures.

The Ecosystem Is An Incubator-Accelerator

  • AI Powered Document and Contract Author
  • AI Powered Marketing System
  • Integrated Asset, Tax, and Wealth Plan
  • Integrated Contract and Document Library
  • Integrated Delaware and SEC Filings
  • US Securities Compliant Fund and Raise Development
  • KYC/ AML/ CFT Compliance For Issuers
  • Standardized, Proven Projects and Businesses
  • Immutable Process Governance
  • Transparent Record Keeping
  • Known and Trusted Partner Oracles
  • Integrated Capital and Compliance
  • Integrated Consultants and Directors

If this was 1995 again, coming up with these types of applications, I’d be going nuts, ... 

That’s exactly what I’d be doing right now – anything I could make digital.  

-Mark Cuban to Justin Kan on a recent episode of “The Quest” podcast.

Your NFT on Open Sea NFT Market

Project Mobilization

Minting and selling NFTs to help support the non-profits you care most about. All Ecosystem NFTs donate fifty percent (50%) to the charity of your choosing. The other fifty percent (50%) is used as investment capital in Ergo Projects in The Ecosystem. Your media company, a subsidiary of your Holding Company generates and sells the NFTs and your Holding Company takes posession of the subsequent investments after the project is mobilized.

Your Media Co And 501c3 Charities

Corporate Responsibility

As a member of the Ecosystem, you are a Good Will Ambassador, and your media company is your functional arm carrying your message, and the messaging of the charities you choose to work with for the causes that are important to you. The Ecosystem provides you with all the vertically integrated partners for tech, data, marketing, accounting, governance, in a completely compliant, semi-automated environment to positively impact your world.

A Platform Built For Entrepreneurs

All The Necessary Tools, Contracts, Data,
and Automation In One System on the Blockchain

Entrepreneurs are the life's blood of any economy. The Ecosystem is a platform that vertically integrates Conceptualization, Capitalization, Development, and Deployment of commercial ventures ranging from startups to expansions to transactions. All the data, tools, and resources every entrepreneur needs built to programmatically ensure aboslute compliance, transparency, and integrity. 

Capital Data Warehouse

2.9 Million Private Companies

90 Thousand Public Companies

1.5 Million Deals

330 Thousand Investors

60 Thousand Funds

11 Thousand Private Investors

Diligence Data Warehouse

1.3 Billion Documents

717 Million Relationships

462 Million Key People

401 Million Companies

200 Million US Consumers

130 Million US Homeowners

Decentralized Archiving

Standardized KYC / AML / CIS

Standardized 506C Reg D Filings

Standardized SPA, IMFPA, NCNDA

Standardized Pledge & Assignments

Standardized Metadata Indexing

Standard Negotiable Instruments

Immutable, Decentralized Archival

Minimal Friction Platforms

6 Commodities Platforms

4 Capital Platforms

3 Lending Platforms

Principal to Principal Buy / Sell

Smart Contract Transactions

Smart Contract Notifications

Why Would A Consultant
Join The Ecosystem

Access Data, Capital, And Goods

  • Access Data to Form a Business Plan
  • Access to Capital to Execute the Plan
  • Start or Expand A Business
  • Vertically Integrated Consultants
  • Vertically Integrated Sales Support

Earn Cash on Buy/Sell Transactions

  • 60% For The Buyer & Seller Mandate
  • 25% For the Senior Intermediaries
  • 7.5% for Buyer Junior Intermediary
  • 7.5% Advertising Fee Sell Side

Earn Equity in Project SPEs

  • 5% Equity for Mandates in any Project.
  • 4% Equity for Senior Intermediaries
  • 3% Equity for Junior Intermediaries

End The Risk of Circumvention

  • Referrals are permanently interlocked.
  • Principal To Principal Transactions
  • Relationships are Permantly Recorded
  • All Transactions Recorded on the IPFS