The Network

The Top Priority of The Ecosystem

Building and Permanently Preserving Your Professional Network

Immutably Record  Your Network

The ipfs + Ethereum - the end of circumvention

  • Partnerships, Clients, Agents, and any other Relationship
  • Your Sellers and Buyers of any type of Goods or Services
  • Your Investors, Lenders, and Financiers; Market Wide

Transparently Record Your Successes

Proof of performance, funds and assets on the ipfs

  • All Records Anonymized By Stratokey Prior to Publication
  • Sales, Acquisitions, and Funding Events tied to your NFT.
  • Sales, Acquisitions, and Funding Events tied to your NFT.
  • Your Investors, Lenders, and Financiers; Ecosystem Wide

Raising Capital  For You and Your Network

access Investors, lenders, and collateral providers in the ecosystem

  • Finding investors, lenders, collateral providers as a service
  • Consulting for Startups, Project, and Acquisition Funding
  • 506C Debt, Equity, and Convertible Debt Instruments
  •  Private and Institutional, Secured and Unsecured Lending 

Vertically Integrated  Opportunities

Transactions, startups, real estate, energy exploration

  • Manufacturing and Refinery Direct Purchasing Opportunities
  • Verified, Certified, Landed Goods from Certified Members
  • All Transactions are  tied to the respective tokens and your NFT.
  • Anything and Everything for High Finance Consultants