Fill Out The Form To Add A New Product Supplier To The Ecosystem

Adding a supplier to The Ecosystem permanently credits your work effort of inviting them to The Ecosystem and securing their participation. As a Supplier they can only list the products YOU list in the Master Listing Agreement that is issued to them. Every time they list or sell a product,  it will update the ledgers of your Trading Company’s Drasi Token’s Network Ledger and Transaction Ledger, as well the transaction ledger of your Ecosystem Joint Venture Partner’s Holding Company. This contract will be tied to your Supplier’s Etairos Token, which will be bound by the terms of this contract.

Product Suppliers are issued an Etairos Token. This token does not cost them anything, but it does have basic requirements. First, they, or their listed company, must possess clear and documented title to the Products they wish to list (this will be verified in due diligence). Next, they must sign the Etairos SOFT Agreement, (Sale of Future Token greement) after executing the Master LIsting Agreement. Finally, they
must submit their first Insertion Order. Once all this is completed, The
Ecosystem will have all the necessary information, agreements, and
permissions to conduct due diligence, approve the Etairos Token, approve
their initial listing, and publish their offer to The Ecosystem.

Manufacturer: The contract is being issued directly to a manufacturer of the products listed.
Distributor: The contract is being issued to a verified, authorized distributor for the manufacturer of the products listed.
Buyer / Reseller: The contract is being issued to a Drasi Token Holder, who also has been issued a Buyer Etairos Token.

Create the product list in the following format:
Manufacturer Name, Product Type, Product Name; Manufacturer Name,Product Type,Product Name;


Create The Master Listing Agreement

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