Setting up your Drasi Blockchain is required before issuing contracts to engage local communities and charities. Once all of these agreements are set up, the process is handed off to the Alitheia Consulting Group, who will then finalize all of the diligence and send a certification request to the Alitheia Legal Group, who will subsequently authenticate the Token and engage  the Ethereum Write Protocols to commit the project to The Ecosystem Blockchain.

Setting Up Your Drasi Blockchain


Complete the Diligence Forms and execute the associated master Drasi Agreement to begin the process of identifying a community and / or 501c3 Charity you wish to work with.


Once the Master Agreement is executed and diligence is completed (about five business days), Your Drasi Toolkit will be unlocked and you can engage The Ecosystem for your 501c3.


Next, you will execute your Independent Agreement with Ursula's Make A Wish Charities, Inc. (your genesis block) to produce your first Charity Art Auction on the Drasi Chain.


Once that is done, you can then identify the charity in a local community that you wish to help, and issue the pledge agreement for Ursula's Make A Wish Charity and your benefiting charity to be executed via Docusign.


Once the two charities have executed the Pledge Agreement, you will then source an artist to create eleven (11) pieces of original art to be converted to an NFT and sold at the Annual Alitheia Charity Art Auction.


That's it! All of your work is done for your first Charity Art Auction. You will then execute the Drasi - Ergo SAFT agreement, which will submit all of the documents to the Alitheia Oracles for finalization and write to the Blockchain.