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  • Consultants and Intermediaries
  • Fund Managers and Traders
  • Land Developers and General Contractors
  • Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Funds
  • Entrepreneurs and Inventors
  • Attorneys and Financial Advisors
  • Charities, Churches, and NGOs

The Alitheia Ecosystem has amassed a capital stack and underwriting process unlike any other. We specialize in Impact Investments and Project Finance to  deliver the Communities of Tomorrow Today!

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The Arcadia Master Community

Affordable, Carbon-Neutral Housing

The Arcadia Master Community offers a revolutionary solution to the ever-growing demand for affordable and sustainable housing. Our community offers homes built with hemp-crete SIP Panels, which not only provide superior insulation but are also carbon-neutral, pest repellant, mold resistant, and require less skilled labor to construct. Each home is equipped with solar panels, making it energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but what truly sets us apart is our financing model. We believe that everyone should have access to quality housing, and that's why each home is financed by the developer. Furthermore, we ensure that each deeded owner is named as a beneficiary to the community trust and the financial benefits therein as part of the Alitheia Foundation's mission to provide universal income, affordable health care, education, and protection from inflation and other cost of living increases.

Independent Solar Power Infrastructure

The Arcadia Master Community, we're proud to offer energy independence and sustainable living options to all of our residents. Our seven to fifteen megawatt solar farm and solar panels on every structure provide clean, renewable energy to power our community. But we don't stop there. When we generate more energy than we need, the Communities partner with Alitheia Holdings to sell the surplus back to the local grid, providing a financial benefit to our community members. We also sell carbon tax credits, further contributing to a more sustainable future and providing a Universal Income to our residents. By belonging to our community, you'll enjoy the benefits of energy independence and sustainable living, all while contributing to a better world for everyone. Join us today in the Arcadia Master Community and experience the power of a sustainable future.

Clean Water and Sustainable, Nutritious Food

The Arcadia Master Community is committed to providing sustainable and healthy living options for all of our residents. Our water purification systems do not rely on chemical treatment of the water, providing clean, chemical-free water that is essential for our survival. We believe that providing clean water is imperative to improving the human condition, and we're proud to offer this foundational element of sustainable living to our residents. In addition to our commitment to clean water, our community also boasts a commercial agricultural economy. We raise produce, tilapia, trout, and shrimp using sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods, providing both food for our community and economic benefits to the community trust. We're committed to creating a better future for everyone and we are  leading the way in sustainable and innovative living options.

The Ecosystem and Universal Income

Why Join The Ecosystem?

The Ecosystem is a platform built specifically for DealMakers who are interested in cultivating projects that solve real world problems for optimal ROI. Alitheia's approach to  Affordable Housing, Clean Water, Sustainable Food, Medical Care, and Economic Development as a single master project, vertically integrating support, capital, compliance, and risk management to create a one of kind Impact Investment. An Arcadia Project is an entire community comprising dozens of standardized syndications that project and capitalization management are decentralized among the Ecosystem Membership through the Ecosystem and recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain as an NFT, effectively tokenizing the project. As a DealMaker sourcing projects and capital, the Alitheia Model provides you with an opportunity to earn commissions, project equity, permanently protect your key relationships, and bank it all in a wealth and tax strategy used by the top one percent of one percenters.

If this was 1995 again, coming up with these types of applications, I’d be going nuts, ... 

That’s exactly what I’d be doing right now – anything I could make digital.  

-Mark Cuban to Justin Kan on a recent episode of “The Quest” podcast.

Your NFT on Open Sea NFT Market

Project Mobilization

Minting and selling NFTs to help support the non-profits you care most about. All Ecosystem NFTs donate fifty percent (50%) to the charity of your choosing. The other fifty percent (50%) is used as investment capital in Ergo Projects in The Ecosystem. Your media company, a subsidiary of your Holding Company generates and sells the NFTs and your Holding Company takes posession of the subsequent investments after the project is mobilized.

Your Media Co And 501c3 Charities

Corporate Responsibility

As a member of the Ecosystem, you are a Good Will Ambassador, and your media company is your functional arm carrying your message, and the messaging of the charities you choose to work with for the causes that are important to you. The Ecosystem provides you with all the vertically integrated partners for tech, data, marketing, accounting, governance, in a completely compliant, semi-automated environment to positively impact your world.

A Platform Built For Entrepreneurs

All The Necessary Tools, Contracts, Data,
and Automation In One System on the Blockchain

Entrepreneurs are the life's blood of any economy. The Ecosystem is a platform that vertically integrates Conceptualization, Capitalization, Development, and Deployment of commercial ventures ranging from startups to expansions to transactions. All the data, tools, and resources every entrepreneur needs built to programmatically ensure aboslute compliance, transparency, and integrity. 

Capital Data Warehouse

2.9 Million Private Companies

90 Thousand Public Companies

1.5 Million Deals

330 Thousand Investors

60 Thousand Funds

11 Thousand Private Investors

Diligence Data Warehouse

1.3 Billion Documents

717 Million Relationships

462 Million Key People

401 Million Companies

200 Million US Consumers

130 Million US Homeowners

Decentralized Archiving

Standardized KYC / AML / CIS

Standardized 506C Reg D Filings

Standardized SPA, IMFPA, NCNDA

Standardized Pledge & Assignments

Standardized Metadata Indexing

Standard Negotiable Instruments

Immutable, Decentralized Archival

Minimal Friction Platforms

6 Commodities Platforms

4 Capital Platforms

3 Lending Platforms

Principal to Principal Buy / Sell

Smart Contract Transactions

Smart Contract Notifications

Why Would A Consultant
Join The Ecosystem

Access Data, Capital, And Goods

  • Access Data to Form a Business Plan
  • Access to Capital to Execute the Plan
  • Start or Expand A Business
  • Vertically Integrated Consultants
  • Vertically Integrated Sales Support

Earn Cash on Buy/Sell Transactions

  • 60% For The Buyer & Seller Mandate
  • 25% For the Senior Intermediaries
  • 7.5% for Buyer Junior Intermediary
  • 7.5% Advertising Fee Sell Side

Earn Equity in Project SPEs

  • 5% Equity for Mandates in any Project.
  • 4% Equity for Senior Intermediaries
  • 3% Equity for Junior Intermediaries

End The Risk of Circumvention

  • Referrals are permanently interlocked.
  • Principal To Principal Transactions
  • Relationships are Permantly Recorded
  • All Transactions Recorded on the IPFS
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